Is Art the new Industry in Maryhill ?

It’s starting to look that way, as the list of Turner prize-winning artists that have links to the area grows ever longer!

Just last night, the 2010 winner of the £25,000 prize was announced as Susan Philipsz, for her audio installations under bridges in Glasgow city centre. Susan grew up in Maryhill, before heading to Dundee to study, and has said in interviews that she’d love to do more works in her home town. Her win is the first time the prize has been awarded for a sound-related work.

The first Scot to win the Turner also took the prize into new areas: Douglas Gordon in 1996 was the first video artist to win, and also grew up in Maryhill. One of his pieces involved Hitchcock’s Psycho slowed down to last for 24 hours.

Last year’s winner, Richard Wright, apparently now lives in the G20 area as well.

As if that wasn’t enough, there’s another winner with a personal link to Maryhill, and the Burgh Hall in particular - 2001 winner Martin Creed, for a piece entitled The Lights Going On and Off.

His link to Maryhill is a personal one - Martin’s father, John Creed, has been comissioned to produce new sculptural gates for the Burgh Halls, taking their inspiration from the shapes and textures of the historic stained glass panels. The new gates are due to be installed in the new year.

John Creed with the new gates

Perhaps we need to think about a Maryhill Turner Prize Winners Exhibition for when the Burgh Hall re-opens next year... ? 


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