Ruairi, Marc and Anna in the Halls courtyard.

Ruairi, Marc and Anna in the Halls courtyard.

A quiet table in the corner of the Spoon Café at the Halls this morning was bustling with conversation about learning and opportunities. As the new marketing intern at the Halls, I had the pleasure of meeting Ruairi and Marc who have been working at the reception desk as part of different training schemes. Ruairi first came into the Halls as part of a placement from Glasgow Clyde College. Although at the beginning he was not sure what to expect, he soon found that he enjoyed learning new skills and interacting with a range of people in a relaxing working environment.

When his placement came to an end, Ruairi decided to continue helping out at the Halls as a volunteer. As he learnt more about the organisation, he gradually picked up more responsibility and started taking initiative in handling enquiries on behalf of the Halls and liaising with the Board of Trustees. Following a period of volunteering, Ruairi is now working at the Halls as part of a Modern Apprenticeships scheme. Modern Apprenticeships are a paid training opportunity that helps young people gain hands-on experience of the workplace and learn on the job. More information about Modern Apprenticeships can be found here.

Marc, who also did his college placement at the Halls and will come back this summer as a volunteer, said that although public-facing work can sometimes be a bit daunting, he really enjoyed meeting different people as part of the job. Both Ruairi and Marc said that working at the reception desk has helped them build confidence in their customer service skills. They look forward to putting their new knowledge into practice when moving on to other career opportunities in the third sector in the future.

As an intern at the Halls, I have had the chance to combine my existing research skills with gaining further experience of marketing and promotions. Like Marc and Ruairi, I have thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to learn in a friendly working environment. It has been a privilege to be able to contribute to the operations of a charity with an ethos we all believe in – celebrating the amazing cultural heritage of Maryhill.