MBHT_Maryhill Songbook Artwork.jpg

Maryhill Heritage Choir have composed new melodies to turn 19th-century poetry from our archive into songs which tell stories of Maryhill and its community between 1822 and 1905. Hear the poems come to life in the Burgh Halls audio display coming soon or online on this page!


The Maryhill songs have also been published as a Songbook, which is  available to purchase online here or onsite at the Burgh Halls.  

This exciting project, which reveals more of Maryhill’s little-known history, was grant aided by Creative Scotland. 

Special thanks to Maeve Mackinnon, singer-songwriter and tutor/conductor of the Maryhill Heritage Choir.

Heartfelt thanks also to Bill Black, Hamish Maxwell Stewart, Maryhill Heritage Choir, Innes Watson for doing the transcription, and Joyce Harkin for her fantastic proofreading.