Award-winning folk singer Maeve Mackinnon led weekly singing sessions, with songs based on some of the trades depicted in the famous stained glass panels on show at the Maryhill Burgh Halls. This culminated in a small concert at the relaunch of the Maryhill Burgh Halls during April 2012, with choir members singing alongside pupils from both St Charles and Caldercuilt Primary Schools.

In 2017, the choir composed new melodies to turn 19th-century poetry from our archive into songs which tell stories of Maryhill and its community between 1822 and 1905. These have been published in a songbook, which is available to purchase onsite at the Burgh Halls. Some of the songs available to listen further down on the page.

"I thoroughly enjoyed the shared experience the workshops afforded. Having not sung in public since childhood I was both surprised and delighted at the ease with which the group stood up in front of an audience and gave it our best. Thanks for creating the opportunity."

Choir rehearsals and practice are currently on hold, but please get in touch if you are interested in joining. Email with your name and contact details, or ring 7717298860.

"I hadn't sung in a choir since primary school nearly 50 years ago, so this was a challenging experience with anxiety growing somewhat as the performance neared. I needn't have worried as it was a complete joy to be part of this singing group - Maeve is a really inspiring teacher, the songs were very emotive, and on the day it felt like a privilege to perform in the refurbished Burgh Halls - I thoroughly enjoyed every minute"

"It's a long time since I have sung with others in a choir, but this one sounded interesting. The group was lighthearted and made it fun to try out new songs. At times it was difficult to get the melodies and harmonies quite right, but Maeve helped us and even e-mailed us recordings of our singing so that we could practice and remember the tunes. We were all delighted at how good we sounded together as a choir."

The Maryhill Songbook

The Maryhill songs have also been published as a Songbook, which is  available to purchase onsite at the Burgh Halls.  

This exciting project, which reveals more of Maryhill’s little-known history, was grant aided by Creative Scotland. 

Special thanks to Maeve Mackinnon, singer-songwriter and tutor/conductor of the Maryhill Heritage Choir.

Heartfelt thanks also to Bill Black, Hamish Maxwell Stewart, Maryhill Heritage Choir, Innes Watson for doing the transcription, and Joyce Harkin for her fantastic proofreading