The third in our series of heritage walking trails around the greater Maryhill area is now available!

Trio of Walks.jpg

Come on a journey to discover North Maryhill - taking in some stunning views from Maryhill Park, the site of Maryhill's forgotten football team, an old tram depot, and some important architecture and forgotten stories.

The trails booklets can be picked up for free at the Burgh Halls, or at a number of local libraries. You can also download PDF and large-print versions for free from our website at

This third trail complements and adds to the two already available, which together help to create a comprehensive guide to the greater Maryhill area! Trail 1 covers Central Maryhill, the Burgh Halls, Barracks, Maryhill Locks and Stockingfield Junction. Trail 2 covers South Maryhill, North Kelvinside, and Queen's Cross, plus Ruchill Park. Trail 3 takes in North Maryhill, Dawsholm, Maryhill Park and Gilshochill.

All three trails are also included in our free interactive smartphone app, available for iPhone, iPad and Android devices - see here for more details, and download it to find out how you can walk through time!

Many thanks to Glasgow City Heritage Trust for the financial support to allow us to produce these walking trails, and to the volunteers that helped research and test them.

Oh Maryhill! Dear Maryhill! I love your sunlit braes
Where aft times, lang syne, oor mithers bleached oor well worn claes.
And in the gloamin’s weird light, I sadly sit and mourn,
When I think about the wee well and Wyndford’s singing burn
— Philip Smith, c.1895