You can join the Burgh Halls Trust by filling in the form attached below. Prospective members applications are approved at our bi-monthly board meetings and members receive news and other information throughout the year. Members are obliged to attend the AGM and have the right to vote on members of the board.

Click here to download the Application Form as a PDF file.


Alternatively, please write to

Secretary Maryhill Burgh Halls Trust, 10-24 Gairbraid Avenue, Glasgow, G20 8YE.
Tel. 0845 860 1856

About the Trust

The Maryhill Burgh Halls Trust was formed in November 2004.

It is a community based initiative that is a partnership between local residents, Cube and Maryhill Housing Associations, Glasgow City Council, Elected Members and officers of local organisations.

Structure of Maryhill Burgh Halls Trust


The Board of the Trust is made up of members that between them have a considerable amount of relevant experience and skills to offer the Trust and guide it in the right direction.  Up to 10 Individual Board Members are elected by the members of the Trust at the Annual General Meeting.  There are currently around 180 members of the Trust. 

Board members consist of local residents or those that work in the local area and have been or are active in Community Development Work in the area over a number of years.  

Also on the Board is the former Administrator on the Management team at East Park, an organisation based in Maryhill, which has provided education and supported accommodation for children and young people with disabilities since 1874.

In addition, the Board is assisted by experienced staff from the partner organisations.

The Trust has directly employed a Heritage Development Manager since April 2010, and has had a permanent Halls Manager since April 2011.  The Trust is also supported and guided by very experienced technical, business planning, legal and property management and marketing consultants.

Company Secretary

Ruth Oliver

Halls Manager

Melanie Farrow -, tel. 0141 948 0703

Heritage Development and Community Engagement Manager

Nicola McHendry -, tel. 0141 948 0701

Retail and Development Officer

Kirstie Forbes -, tel. 0141 948 0704

Individual Elected Directors

Diana Marton (Acting Chair)

Karin Mackinnon (Acting Treasurer)

Irene Scott

Dougie Paton

Gordon Barr

Emma Sweeney

Partner Directors

Cube Housing Association – Lesley McGregor (Foundation Officer)

Maryhill Housing Association – currently awaiting a nomination

Glasgow City Council – currently awaiting a nomination