Sounds of Maryhill

Maryhill Burgh Halls Trust is committed to collecting and making accessible the heritage of the Burgh Halls and Maryhill area. Our heritage projects and activities have interpreted Maryhill’s heritage through tours, workshops, walks, performances and exhibitions. We have worked with artists, conservators, historians and volunteers to uncover Maryhill’s history and deliver innovative and creative projects to share the area’s rich and diverse story.

The Sounds of Maryhill project was originated by a local Glasgow artist, Aya Iguchi-Sherry in 2016. Aya and the Trust worked with schools, residential groups and the local health centre to collect sound recordings from the Maryhill area, which they felt represented where they lived.  The project explored the relationship between people, sound, place and everyday life, and to increase awareness of the local environment by collecting sounds. The collected sounds were then synced onto a Sound Map of the area, creating an innovative interpretation of Maryhill’s heritage. We hope to collect more sounds for the map and hear how the sounds of Maryhill have changed and evolved over time.

Click on the icons in the map to hear the Sounds of Maryhill.
Or visit the soundcloud directly here

If you would like to take part in this heritage project and upload sounds you have recorded around the Greater Maryhill area, please send them to Our heritage team will review the sounds and let you know when they have been added to the map. Sounds can be recorded on various devices but please send your sounds in .wav, .mp3 or .mp4 files and images on .jpg (maximum image size 2MB). Audio equipment is also available to borrow from the Trust with a refundable deposit. To enquire please email or call 0141 946 5149 to speak to the Heritage Development Manager. 

Please only submit sounds/images which you have recorded yourself and have the permission of any individuals in your images or recordings before you share them with us (please also submit completed consent forms along with your recordings/images to confirm the permission of any individual recorded).

This project was grant aided by Glasgow City Council.

With thanks to:

Aya Iguchi Sherry
Maryhill Health Centre
Kelvindale Primary
Cadder Primary
East Park School Work Mates