Pictures and video from a series of heritage trade taster workshops, giving participants an opportunity to learn about joinery, slate & leadwork, and stonecarving and masonry work. There were also some chances to get some hands-on experience of doing some slating, plus helping with the restoration of the Halls itself by doing some pointing-work...

The three workshops were attended by 30 primary 7 pupils from a local school, students from Glasgow Met College, and a range of interested local adults, aged between 20 and over 80!.

Heritage Trade Workshop from Maryhill Burgh Halls on Vimeo.

4 minute video showing some of the highlights of the third workshop

The feedback from the workshops was overwhelmingly positive, as was the level of interest people had in finding out more about both the trades demonstrated, and the Burgh Halls project in particular. One comment in particular drew attention to the benefit of discussing heritage trades and techniques against the background of a specific building and project, helping put the information in a relevant context.

The final word goes to one of our primary participants, who said:

“I’d like a job like this in the future”