The facade retention steelwork on the former police station frontage has been taken down, now that the retained stonework is fully tied into the new steelwork behind it.

This former entrance will be a glazed window, giving views through to the cafe and garden courtyard beyond.

Standing in the middle of what will be the outdoor garden courtyard, looking in towards the double-height cafe space, and the main entrance from the shared courtyard with the leisure centre on the right.

In the main Hall, looking out towards the new garden room and courtyard. New doors will be formed beneath the windows, and the glazing will be re-instated. This also gives a good view of ten of the square windows, on which were hung the Stephen Adam stained glass panels showing the trades and industries of Maryhill.

New concrete floors taking shape in the new-build portions of the site, with the old stonework and roof of the main Hall on the right.