On Wednesday the 23rd of May 2019 we invited members of the Maryhill community to come into the Halls for a chat about community heritage and the future of a Maryhill Museum. We have long been working on the idea of a Maryhill Museum, and are hoping to make this a reality soon (read more about our donation drive here). During our talk we learned more about what you think the museum should be like - free and accessible to all, a place that represents home and the rich Maryhill heritage.

As a community run charity with only two members of staff, the museum will, as it is now, be dependent on and shaped by volunteers. If you’ve ever entered the Halls and met one of our friendly receptionists, you know how volunteers make sure everything runs smoothly in the Halls.

But besides reception, there is also so much more you can help with! Even if it’s just for an odd hour here and there, reach out to heritage@mbht.org.uk if you want to get involved with the Museum and be part of an exciting community project. No matter where your hobbies lie, we can use them - and you get to be part of a fantastic, engaged team and flex your talents! For some inspiration, here’s a roundup of talents we would love to have on board.

We are also very open to people who want to take this as a learning opportunity to practice their skills. For those interested in collections care, historical research, and similar, we will provide training and ongoing support - making it a perfect opportunity for those wanting to get started in the heritage sector, or even those who are just interested in the history of the area.

Any questions can be send to heritage@mbht.org.uk or over our social media.

List of volunteer opportunities