When the Maryhill Burgh Halls were opened in 1878, the local councillors commissioned a series of twenty stained glass panels, depicting the trades and industries of Maryhill at the time, from Glasgow-based designer Stephen Adam.

The Trust has funding in place, and has just issued a Commissioning Brief for, a major new stained glass-based arts and interpretation project called the ‘Windows of Today’.  

This will involve two main strands:
Firstly, a series workshops and hands-on opportunities for local people to learn about the history and practicalities of stained glass manufacture, while providing input into what they feel new stained glass should represent; 
Secondly, the design and construction of a series of brand new stained glass windows representing the Maryhill of today, based on the feedback and input from the local community workshops.

We would like to invite you to consider tendering for the contract to provide the services described above. Further details can be found here, or on the Public Contracts Scotland website at 
(with Tender ID no. JUL080233).

Along with some of the original Stephen Adam stained glass, which will be displayed in the Halls on loan from Glasgow Museums, the newly commissioned ‘Windows of Today’ will feature prominently in the ongoing marketing and promotion of the Burgh Halls; this will therefore be a high-profile, large scale commission.

If you are interested in getting involved, please get back to me as described in the attached document by 5pm on the 16th of August; or if you have any specific questions or queries please don’t hesitate to get in touch in the meantime.


info@mbht.org.uk Tel. 0141 948 1104