If you are looking for a wedding venue where you can do your own thing while enjoying the warmth and atmosphere of over 140 years of history, Maryhill Burgh Halls is the place for you. A building designed for the local community and loved by many generations, the Burgh Halls have many striking features that will help make your wedding a romantic and memorable celebration.



Weddings at the Halls can be as glamorous or as relaxed as you would like – the key thing is that you make it your own. The Halls are a fabulous space with plenty of character that can be configured to anything you want it to be.  As we are not wedding planners, you are free to make your own arrangements, or involve friends and family in planning the event. We will do our best to help you make it a success.


The centrepiece of our listed building is the Main Hall, a light and airy space with elements dating back to 1878 and a modern finish. The Hall features the unique Stephen Adam stained glass panels depicting the historic trades of Maryhill. The adjoining Garden Room looks out onto the Courtyard, the outdoor heart of the building. Framed by contemporary architecture, the Courtyard is perfect for a breakout space or an open air bar for your event.

Click to download a Weddings brochure

Click to download a Weddings brochure

In order to keep rates down, Maryhill Burgh Halls are a DIY venue. Thanks to this, you can have things the way you want them. However, it also means that there will be a lot for you to do. In order to keep stress levels down, we highly recommend that you do not take it all on yourselves. Getting a team of friends and family involved can be a great way of making them feel that they are more than just guests, and that they can make a real contribution. It also gives people a chance to do the things they are good at. Whether you choose to work with a wedding planner or keep it all in the family, make sure you have someone else to coordinate things on the day for you, leaving you free to enjoy the time with your friends and family.

We will be here to offer all the friendly advice and encouragement you need. We provide a bar tended by the excellent Liquid Academy, who offer to design your own bespoke wedding cocktail. The building is secure and easily accessible by car, train and boat via the canal - see here how to access the building.

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Credit for wedding brochure photography belongs to Alan Snelling Photography.